An exceptional training solution
for healthcare call centers

Optimize call center performance and productivity

Since 1994, BCI has offered 5-Star level training services to both the healthcare and hospitality industries. We combine dynamic training with continuous monitoring to achieve exceptional results.

A primary goal of the program is to increase call center revenues through increased customer loyalty, competitive advantage and curbing losses associated with subpar performance.

Unlike a seminar based approach that trains then leaves, the BCI program is continuous, so the results are long term and sustained from year to year.

BCI is available to both non-clinical and clinical aspects of hospital networks, including: Central Scheduling, Pre-Registration, Physician Referral, Post Discharge, Financial Services, General Customer Service, Home Care and Hospice, Patient Transfer, Health Lines, Operators, Triage and Emergency Dispatch.

Did you know?

A BCI client reported that his department received 27 excellent patient-survey scores in the first two months of the BCI program’s tenure, whereas they had received only 3 such scores the entire year previous.